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GOOD OMENS: THE NICE AND ACCURATE PROPHECIES OF AGNES NUTTER, WITCH was published in 1990 by British authors Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.


Terry Pratchett was a phenomenon of an author both during and beyond his lifetime. Publishing two novels a year for almost twenty years, Pratchett was single-handedly responsible for over 1% of all book sales in the UK. His books have sold over 85 million copies and he is the UK's most shoplifted author. He was knighted in 2009.


Neil Gaiman has sold over 40 million books and is in the top 20 most successful fantasy authors of all time. Several of his books have been adapted into motion pictures and TV series including American Gods, Stardust, and Coraline.


Amazon Studios and the BBC recently premiered the highly anticipated GOOD OMENS mini-series starring Michael Sheen and David Tennant.


Terry and Neil granted Australian-American husband and wife team Vicki Larnach and Jim Hare permission to begin adapting GOOD OMENS as a musical in 2013. Vicki and Jim have crafted many drafts of the libretto and score over the subsequent years. 


In 2015, Jay James-Moody joined the collaboration initially as a dramaturge and directorial eye, eventually evolving into co-book writer. Vicki, James and Jay have continued to evolve through countless more revisions and a number of private development readings with the support, time and talent of numerous wonderful Australian performers testing the material.


In November 2017, GOOD OMENS was presented in its then-current form and entirety for the first time before an audience of over 500 eager attendees. The cast included Luke Joslin, Lachlan O’Brien, Nancye Hayes, Barry Quin, Brett O’Neill, Lauren McKenna, Nicholas Craddock, Paul Capsis, Rob Johnson, Amy Lehpamer, Debora Krizak, Blake Erickson, Nat Jobe, Ana Maria Belo, Jordan Hare, Bella Thomas, Anthony Abrakmanov and Samson Hyland.


Following a rapturous response to this reading, GOOD OMENS continues to be refined and developed. Revisions will be tested in workshops and readings throughout 2018-19, with an eventual developmental production of the piece to take place sometime before the end of days.

This musical adaptation of GOOD OMENS has maintained many of the supernatural elements of the novel and has been written without limitation of budget, ultimately envisioned as a major West End fantasy musical. Flying mopeds, ascending angels, burning Bentleys - we want it all on stage in a unique theatrical experience that combines comedy, fantasy, music and magic.

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